Boys to Men

Boys to Men is a faith-based mentoring ministry using adventure opportunities and projects to stimulate positive growth.  It is our hope that these boys will be the future leaders of our community.  Through the involvement of the community we can shape the future of young men by partnering with them in their life long goals and dreams and while also building skills that may lead to long term self sufficiency and a bright future.

All mentors are vetted through the CARE Center. They must undergo a background check and meet with the Program Coordinator before entering the program.

Boys to Men is currently serving Owens Cross Roads Elementary and New Hope High School.

For more information, contact one of the Program Coordinators:

  • Owens Cross Roads Elementary:  John Arrigo, 256-851-3240
  • New Hope High School and college age: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
New Life Men's Mentoring Ministry
For High School and college age students, Boys to Men is referred to as New Life Men's Mentoring Ministry.
MISSION:  New Life Men’s Mentoring provides one-on-one relationships between qualified and trained adult male volunteers and at-risk male protégés with the purpose of helping protégés envision and plan their future in light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, their full potential as citizens, and their desire to change their family tree.
VISION:  All the young men in Southeast Madison County, AL will delight themselves in the Lord, glorify Jesus Christ as their savior, turn from wicked counsel, live sensibly, be zealous for good deeds, and prosper.
A story from a mentor with New Life Men's Mentoring Ministry:
I bought my first house in 1985. It was a small starter house for our family of four. My wife and I selected the house plans and picked out a small piece of land for building. We watched the building process pretty closely and about four months later we moved in. If you know anything about new home construction in Central Florida you’ll know that most houses are devoid of landscaping. I wanted to start making our little house look a little homier so I decided to plant some trees. I bought some Arborvitae evergreens and “planted” them in the front yard. The ground was as hard as a rock. Apparently, the VA requires the ground to be tamped to about 95% compaction prior to pouring the concrete slab foundation. So I dug a couple small holes along the sidewalk of our small house and basically plunked the trees in the hole, gave them a little water, and walked away after wishing them good health and a long life. Over the next year those trees languished, turned a pale green color, and if they grew at all it was less than an inch.
During that year I had discovered gardner’s gold . . . composting!!! I made several cubic yards of compost that year and was very pleased with the effect in the gardens. I decided I would try it with the Arborvitae to see how they would respond. I filled two wine barrel planters with the compost and transplanted the trees into the planters, gave them some water, and an amazing thing happened. Those trees flourished! They grew over a foot in less than six months and turned a lush green color. They loved their new location.
Let’s imagine for a moment the trees could make their own decisions and locate themselves in the most advantageous location for nutrition and water in order to grow to their maximum potential. But what if the trees did not know the compost was behind the house and they did not know how to get themselves out of the “hole” in which they were planted and relocate to another location with more opportunity for growth?
This is what most of the “at-risk” male youth in our rural Southeast Madison County areas are dealing with. They see life through the lens of their current condition and do not have a clue, in most cases, how to achieve peace and prosperity. They don’t know how to set realistic goals and objectives and create plans to achieve those goals and flourish as men of God and become vital citizens in their communities. They often feel as though they are on their own in life. Men’s mentoring provides the opportunity for these young men to see a new future . . . a New Life, and promotes the knowledge and skills needed to live and flourish in that New Life.




...let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions. (1 John 3:18 NLT)

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